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40 health companies to keep an eye on


The 13th event of the Tech Tour Health Programme took place onsite on 20-22 June in Lausanne with the support of Herb Riband, President of Tech Tour Health 2022 and Sebastien WoynarVice President of Tech Tour Health 2022 in building a meaningful and inspiring programme.


The 40 companies which presented in Lausanne relentlessly beat the competition of 160 applications and impressed the Selection Panel of Investors. Congratulations also to the 5 Companies, part of the EIC Scaling Up Project, who also presented their technologies in the sessions.


Our hosts from Canton Vaud showcased promising companies from the region, who presented their businesses. You can see them here.


Alesi Surgical develops and commercialises products that improve the safety, efficiency and outcomes of advanced surgical procedures. The company was founded in 2009 as a spin-out from the Welsh Institute for Minimal Access Therapy (WIMAT) with the vision of becoming a world leader in surgical devices.  


Amelia Virtual Care is a VR-based solution that is delivered under the guidance of therapists, for both in-office and remote sessions. Amelia has a scalable SAAS model, with proven unit economics, and an extensible, device-agnostic, architecture with over 140 VR environments in 12 indications across mental health including phobias, anxiety, trauma, mindfulness, relaxation, and more.  


Apricity is the next-generation fertility clinic. Apricity aims to disrupt and outperform the traditional clinic model, with improved success rates and higher patient satisfaction. Through innovative data and technology, artificial intelligence and scientific expertise and a unique hybrid model mixing digital and physical experience, Apricity patients are empowered to take control of their fertility journey.  


Argá Medtech SA is a privately-held medical device company based in Switzerland founded by a seasoned team of leaders in the industry. Argá is developing an innovative non-thermal energy-based cardiac ablation system for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.  


Today the best option to treat stroke consists in employing the patient vascular system as an access route to deliver a treatment in the brain. ARITIA Medical is a micro-actuated device allowing to treat vascular diseases with unprecedented accuracy, effectiveness, and safety. 


Bambi Medical is a MedTech company aiming to reduce pain, and stress in pre-term infants, and improve parent-child bonding. To achieve this objective, Bambi Medical designs, develops and manufactures products for Neonatal Intensive Care Units in hospitals.  


Bingli is the smartest medical interview on the planet. We developed an AI-powered chatbot that asks patients 70-100% of the doctor’s questions ahead of the doctor’s visit resulting in more qualitative and time-efficient doctor consultations.  

Biospectal is on a mission to enable accessible and actionable blood pressure monitoring for the world's population. Our goal is to support a large-scale reduction in the incidence of hypertension and related healthcare costs. To do this, we develop and commercialize next-generation, medical-grade optical biosensing solutions in smart devices, IoT, edge computing and other portable technologies. 


Closed Loop Medicine is a global leader in the development of single-prescription drug plus digital therapy (DTx) combination products, developed to optimise dosing on an individual level with linked digital therapy to improve patient outcomes – precision medicine.  


Comphya is a Swiss medical device company, a spin-off from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, specialized in the treatment of erectile dysfunction to patient non-responsive to oral therapy. With an innovation based on neuroprosthetics principle, our mission is to offer a unique and superior treatment.  


DasLab is the Stripe for medical lab diagnostics: we enable all providers in a digital healthcare ecosystem to seamlessly integrate all kinds of medical tests into their offering via our API-first technology infrastructure.  


DOMOHealth has developed a SaaS clinical platform to improve care efficiency across the care pathway by monitoring patients’ health conditions at home, based on real-world collected data and machine learning.  


Easee's eye exam is a clinically proven and certified medical device – just as reliable as the optician, without the hassle of travelling or appointments.  


Qompium is a fast-growing Belgian mHealth company, that emerged from the vision that ubiquitous mobile technology has the potential to improve bottlenecks in healthcare. Qompium is implementing an out-of-the-box customizable network of medically certified building blocks that enables outsourcing development of medical grade applications to speed up time to the medical market.  


GlucoModicum is transforming how people monitor their glucose levels with precise, needle-free magnetohydrodynamic technology, empowering people to live healthier lives. We have a multidisciplinary team with two senior professors and multiple PhDs with expertise in physics, bioelectronics, biosensors, and medicine.


Gondola Medical Technologies is a Swiss-based company that has developed the Gondola® device, a patented medical device to treat walking and balance impairments due to neurological conditions caused by Parkinson’s disease and stroke.  


ImageBiopsy Lab  has the opportunity to adopt new business development strategies. Based on the existing work in the field of orthopaedics, the initial focus of the product development strategy was on the detection of knee osteoarthritis supported by AI.  


inHEART’s cloud-based AI solution leverages medical images and electrocardiograms to deliver a precise model of each patient’s heart, allowing physicians to individualize and optimize each patient’s treatment strategy and ablate with greater efficiency and efficacy.  


KOITE® Dual-Light technology is widely adoptable in healthcare! The 1st target segment is dental care followed by animal care, wound care and during surgery disinfection. KOITE® is answering unmet health needs through multi-disciplined expertise, using natural and sustainable methods to bring value to everyone. 


KWARTS focuses on improving the customer journeys of HealthCare Professionals (HCPs) by leveraging data that is now scattered across different silos.  


Lindis is a medical device company, advancing cancer surgery blood management by developing CATUVAB, the first device to remove cancer cells reliably from intraoperative blood. FDA aprroval in Q3/Q4 2023. Moreover, CATUVAB is easy to integrate in standard procedures: IBS equipment already available in most hospitals.  


Lumendo AG was founded in 2018 by Dr Andreas Schmocker and Dr Mark Bispinghoff bringing together state-of-the-art technology from EPF Lausanne and ETH Zürich. Lumendo unites entrepreneurship, medical device engineering and photo-chemistry to build the surgical technology of tomorrow. 


Lymphatica Medtech SA is a medical device development company that has designed and patented a novel implantable system to replace lymphatic vessel draining function, which it plans to produce and market. The system is based on a magnetically controlled micropump and on a catheter system, and it has been conceived to treat lymphatic disorders, in particular chronic lymphedema.  


Due to lack of digitization and poor reimbursement schemes, access to quality medicines in Subsaharan Africa is a challenge. The mission of Meditect is to enable future innovations to emerge along the last mile of the value chain. Their vision is to make access to medicines more efficient and reliable.  


Metadvice is distilling complex disease treatment and outcome data into actionable insights for clinicians, assisting pharmaceutical companies in designing clinical trials and making better-informed marketing decisions. The clinical knowledge engine, powered by neural network technology, sources data and insights from a growing global network of leading practitioners and institutions.  


Moonbird is a health tech company, founded in 2019 developing a hardware and software solution to help people relax, sleep better and curb anxiety. Their mission is to make as many people as possible discover how much power they hold. Just by breathing.  


Newronika has developed hardware and proprietary algorithms to Sense, Filter, Record, Store, Process Brain Signals and adapt the output in real-time. The Closed Loop system Is the most important innovation in neuromodulation of the last 25 years.  


Onera Health is a leader in transforming diagnostics and monitoring. Their breakthrough products and technologies are poised to help millions of people struggling with health ailments and chronic conditions in a variety of medical fields, including sleep, neuro, cardiac and respiratory care, improving the health and quality of life for patients around the world.  


Orixha’s mission is to become the industry leader in Liquid Ventilation by bringing its clinical benefits to the bedside of Critical Care patients. 

Orixha develops Vent2Cool based on its proprietary Lung Conservative Liquid Ventilation to shield the critical organs (brain, heart) from reperfusion injury.  


Psyon Games is and leading ADHD pharma company Takeda will publish the co-development production in Oct 2020. Is currently fundraising for the coming ADHD production focusing on prescreening and diagnosis of ADHD.  


Radiobotics develops algorithms for hospitals to automate the reading of musculoskeletal x-rays which will provide efficient, consistent, and cost-effective analysis and descriptions of msk x-rays.  


Resilient ag focuses on burnout prevention. They are using scalable technology to deliver individualized coaching to adapt user habit to prevent burnout. Their system monitors multiple data streams, such as biometric though third-party wearable, user behavior through smartphone and computer usage, and user interaction data with our system. 


Unlike presently available pain stimulators, which are uncomfortable and impair daily life activities, SensArs Neuroprosthetic’s stimulator elicits natural touch and movement sensations. 


Sooma Medical’s mission is to create neuromodulation devices for major unmet medical needs in neurology and psychiatry. Their first product is a portable brain stimulation device and a digital platform for depression treatment achieving 60% response rate in clinical practice. The product is a class II A medical device and currently used in over 100 clinics worldwide. 


Stilla Technologies is a leading global biotechnology company that focuses on accelerating the development of next-generation genetic testing by providing researchers and clinicians with a flexible Digital PCR solution for high-resolution genetic analysis and assay development.  


Tada Medical AB is currently working on solving the problem of accidental dislodgment of IV tubes with a solution that will save patients and healthcare personnel from harm, save plastic waste, and reduce hospital costs.  


Tired of Cancer is the developer of the Untire app, a digital therapeutic proven to reduce fatigue and increase quality of life in cancer patients and survivors. Cancer related fatigue (CRF) is the most common side effect of cancer and its treatments. 80% of people suffer with CRF within the first year of diagnosis and 40% suffer long term. 


Tribun Health empowers confident decisions. The Paris-based, privately held company addresses a significant and fast-growing unmet need for expert end-to-end pathology department digitalization.  


viO HealthTech empowers women with knowledge about their bodies, to help them manage their complete health journey. They help women manage Conception, PCOS, Miscarriage, Pregnancy, Endometriosis, and Menopause. They do this through clinically proven Women’s Digital Health products with unique, patented, sensors and AI.  


Xsensio develops the first “Lab-on-Skin™​ wearable sensing platform for next-generation wearable solutions: a modular sensing tool able to continuously detect biomarkers at the surface of our skin to provide real-time continuous information about our health and wellness condition.  


EIC Growth Club Companies 


ENYO Pharma is a clinical-stage company with an innovative approach inspired by viruses. Their biotech mimics a virus strategy to modulate host cellular functions with multiple applications. They develop new drug candidates in multiple indications such as infectious diseases (e.g. HBV), metabolic diseases (e.g. NASH) and oncology.  


The proprietary technology by LightSpace solves vergence and accommodation conflict which is the present issue among all currently available AR headsets. Accommodation allows to use AR device with no time limitation and no harm to the user's eyes. 


Resistell proposes an alternative to culture-based antibiogram, the current gold standard in antibiotic susceptibility testing. Their offering is a diagnostic device. The rapid AST method is based on the detection of movement caused by living bacterial cells.  


SamanTree Medical is focused on improving cancer care with its breakthrough approach to fresh tissue imaging and analysis, improving clinical outcomes for patients and optimizing procedural efficiencies for physicians, while reducing costs to payers. 


S-Biomedic has developed a direct skin microbiome manipulation technology which allows to transplant of beneficial bacteria on the skin. They pack skin microbiome transplantation into cosmetics.