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Tech Tour is happy to present you the Tech Tour Moscow Health Challenge 2021 in collaboration with the Moscow Centre for Innovation Technology in Healthcare by the Moscow City Government. Tech Tour joined forces to search for the best European health companies ready for hospital deployment and looking to expand their business to the growing Russian market.

The Sports Health Sector in the Region

Healthcare is a great sector ripe for innovation. Longevity and quality of life are goals worth pursuing.

The Moscow Centre for Innovation Technology in Healthcare sees more AI algorithms used in the decision-making process of doctors combining knowledge from patients’ data, family history, and recent research.

Wearable devices record data essential to diagnose and treat patients. Remote patient monitoring is definitely having its moment since COVID.

Challenges/Opportunities for the Moscow Region

Access to medical data and the ability to pilot solutions in clinics and hospitals getting first-hand feedback from doctors are key success factors to building something in healthcare.

In Moscow, they offer unprecedented access to clinics and hospitals in Moscow for start-ups as early as MVP to create the ecosystem of innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, and doctors.

Main Players in the Local Health Start-Up Community

The local scene is booming. Healthcare is developing alongside computer science, medical science, and engineering.

The number of healthcare start-ups is growing boosted by the demand for technology from public healthcare and large private medical companies such as Medsi and Family doctor.

Local corporations such as Sberbank and Mail Group are also looking at healthcare start-ups to become part of their ecosystems creating a great exit for both investors and early-stage companies.

The Go-To Accelerators/Incubators/VCs in the Region for Healthcare

A number of acceleration programs has already been done in cooperation with international pharmaceutical brands and local healthcare providers.

The acceleration program at the Moscow Centre for Innovations in Healthcare is a single point of entrance for start-ups and a quality pipeline for investors.

Role of the Moscow Centre for Innovations in Healthcare

The Centre’s goal is to help entrepreneurs test their solutions in hospitals and get feedback from doctors even if they are just at an MVP stage.

The ecosystem is developing quickly, and the Moscow Centre for Innovations in Healthcare wants to bring structure to the process, creating a clear point of entrance supporting start-ups throughout the way and giving doctors access to the best technology and innovation.

How Could the Tech Tour Moscow Health Challenge Support the Ecosystem?

The Moscow Centre for Innovation Technology in Healthcare wants to bring the best-in-class technology and innovation to Moscow. They are excited to partner with start-ups from all over the world to discover innovative solutions to pilot in clinics and hospitals in Moscow and scale throughout the country.

Who Should Join the Challenge?

If you’re a health start-up, and you’d like to expand to the ever-growing market in Russia, the Tech Tour Moscow Health Challenge is a great opportunity for you.

A few requirements:

  1. You have an interest in expanding your business to Russia.
  2. Your innovation is ready for trial / pilot deployment at medical clinics and hospitals.
  3. Your product is in or focused on any of the following categories:
  4. Big Data and AI algorithms: Structuring and Analysing Textual Medical Data
  5. Analysing data from medical and wearable devices
  6. Medical and management decision support systems
  7. Services aimed at increasing quality of life and life expectancy
  8. Services for remote patient monitoring
  9. Computer vision from medical and consumer devices (except RG / MRI / CT)

If you meet the selection criteria above or have companies in your network / portfolio that should be on the radar of the Moscow Centre for Innovation Technology in Healthcare for potential partnership / investment, we encourage you to apply via the link below.