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Despite the global pandemic the topics concerning looking for long-term sustainable solutions are ever so important. There is hope in the face of 133 companies that took part in the 4 programmes in our Sustainability sector.

There are 8 of them that received the top ranking from our discerning Selection committee of investors. 8 that worked relentlessly and continued pursuing their dream showing that innovation can’t be quarantined. Below you can read who are they and what they do:

Recycling & Raw Materials

PMC International intends to develop multiple factories for the recycling of contaminated steel scrap in the World (under an international patent).

Biosolvit is a biotech company that creates new materials from renewable sources of raw material. One of their products is a natural oil absorber made from discarded vegetable fibers.


Novamera is developing a safer, more environmentally friendly, and more economic mining technology called Sustainable Mining by Drilling.

Energy Efficiency

Exergo is a swiss clean-tech company commercializing an innovative urban energy network for dense urban and industrial areas.

Magment provides innovative wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles based on innovative magnetic concrete.

Evoy designs, develops, and delivers turnkey plug-and-play full-electric propulsion systems for boats. ITs vision is to eliminate boating emissions and we are doing that by disrupting the boating industry as Tesla did with cars.

Food and bioeconomy

Nature Preserve is a sustainable food tech company that reengineers surplus fruits and vegetables into shelf stable ingredients.

Avecom specialises in steering and optimizing microbial processes in environmental and industrial applications. It patented several new biotechnological processes to produce microbial proteins from industrial side streams and gases for feed and food applications.