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NewSpace is a new use of space, a new technology, a new range of services and as a result, a new economy based on the democratisation of space and the aerospace industry. This represents a paradigm shift in the way space missions take place, and will encourage many more agents to use their services, in both vertical and broad-based applications in various productive sectors such as agriculture, environment, renewable energies, mobility and logistics, security and emergencies, smart cities and many more.

Europe is in an ideal time to make a firm commitment to the NewSpace sector; and develop a new market and a new technological network that will have a pull effect and bring together other technologies, such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence, advanced electronics for sensors and computers, secure communication, and new-generation mobile communications (5G and IoT, among others).

The promotion of NewSpace is a priority for the Government of Catalonia, which aims to support the deployment of this new space economy in order to make Catalonia a pole of innovation, leadership and attraction for talent and companies in the field of this growing sector, while at the same time encouraging its adoption by various industrial sectors and public institutions that make up our social and productive fabric.

With this general goal, the Government of Catalonia drives the NewSpace Strategy for Catalonia which will roll out a programme of specific actions to strengthen the Catalan NewSpace ecosystem and lead the generation of knowledge, its social and business application, and the creation of new solutions based on data provided by the use of new technologies, in order to stimulate economic growth and improve people’s lives.

As part of the Catalan NewSpace Strategy, the Government of Catalonia in hosting the Tech Tour Space 2021, an investment program organized by Tech Tour, in collaboration with acceleration and incubation program such as Go2Space-Hubs, Point.IoT and the KIMbcn Foundation, experts in knowledge economy and innovation in Catalonia, and i2CAT, a research and innovation center focused on digital advanced technologies such as 5G, IoT, VR, and Immersive Technologies, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, AI and New Space.

Tech Tour Space 2021 is designed to help European start-ups developing tech solutions in the Space sector or developing applications based on satellite data to boost their investment readiness and build relations with investors.

The best 45 companies will be selected by a prestigious Selection Committee to participate in the investment program. 30 early-stage companies (seed or Series A) and 15 start-ups looking for Series B, will be invited to pitch, meet, and interact with the most active investors in the sector. The selected companies will also participate in mentoring and training activities to attract investment.

Additionally, the Government of Catalonia sponsors the "Catalonia Prize" awarding the company deemed to potentially contribute the most to the development of the Catalan space industry. The winner will be assigned a personal assistant to guide their landing in Catalonia / to improve their marketplace positioning, and to facilitate their access to private and public funding as well as to infrastructures and know-how of the Catalonian ecosystem. In addition, the winner will be awarded with a credit valued at 20k€ to spend in services, including a booth in the Catalan Pavilion of the Government of Catalonia at the MWC Barcelona 2022.

If your space tech company works in any of the following subsectors:

  • Satellites as a Service: IoT constellations, Earth Observation constellations, Data Centers in Space, Blockchain in Space, Platform as a Service, In-space delivery & transportation, etc.
  • Digital Space: Downstream applications of Space, Location to mapping, Space data analytics, Cybersecurity, AI/ML applied to space data (EO, PNT, …), etc.
  • Optics & Photonics in Space: EO instrumentation, Free- space optical communications, Quantum sensors, QKD from Space, Onboard optoelectronics, etc.
  • Space & Planetary Infrastructure: Robotics, Rockets and launch systems, Onboard AI, Satellite systems, Ground stations, Planetary resources, Landers & moon infrastructure, etc.

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