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Nico Goulet, Managing Partner, Adara Ventures (Spain)

IVC Digital Chapter Co-Chair and VP Selection Committee of Deep Tech Summit 2018


Venture Capital firms live and die by their deal flow. High volume, high quality, and targeted deal flow generated via inbound and outbound channels are critical to understanding the technology landscape, which changes as quickly as the innovations created. Co-investment partners are also critical in the path to building globally successful deep tech companies. Trusted partners with a deep understanding of the technology and with experience in bringing deep tech to market are fundamental in generating outsized returns.


Like all VC firms our goal is to deliver outsized returns to our investors. At Adara Ventures we have been betting on deep technology to deliver these returns for almost 15 years. We believe Europe offers unique characteristics to deliver world-class deep technology, primarily loyal and affordable excellence in engineering talent.


Opportunities like the Deep Tech Summit (DTS) taking place in London on the 9-10 of October are unique encounters that combine both new and qualified deal flow and experienced co-investment partners for investors specialising in the deep tech space.  As Co-Chair of the IVC Digital Chapter and of the DTS Selection Committee I am excited about the opportunities we have been reviewing covering IP-based businesses (including materials, semis etc.), AI, autonomous vehicles and robotics, self-learning/blockchain applications, hardware and electronics, cybersecurity and IoT. It has been a pleasure and a privilege working alongside the 35+ Selection Committee members including senior practitioners such as Kevin Dillon of Atlantic Bridge Ventures, Dharmash Mistry of Lakestar, Miles Kirby of AtPac, Bart Markus of GAP Technology Holding, Joyce Liu of Dawn Capital, Ben Tompkins of Draper Esprit, Cedric Koehler of Creathor Venture, Hongquan Jiang of Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Jean Bourcereau of Ventech Venture Capital, and many more. See the full list of Selection Committee members here.


The Club (International Venture Club/IVC), as many of you already know, was established in 2011 as a joint initiative of 17 independent, corporate and institutional investors. These founding members, including Adara Ventures, set out to build a close-knit group of top-tier investors where they could forge new relationships, deepen existing ones, and make deals happen. Since then we have maintained a practical approach: we focus on building relations across different markets and sectors and identifying and co-investing in companies which we believe can achieve great success.


Specialised events such as the Deep Tech Summit enable expert groups to collaborate across Europe’s tech ecosystem.  For the upcoming DTS we have received 230+ nominations to date from the Selection Committee members who represent the venture capital community across Europe specialising in deep tech investing. Our challenge now is selecting the final 25 that will be presenting at DTS.


If you are interested in understanding Europe’s deep tech landscape and meeting with some of the most promising emerging companies in this space I invite you all to join us at the Deep Tech Summit on the 9-10 October in London.


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