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Europe is experiencing a resurgence of momentum in its technology output with venture capital investment into deep tech surpassing that of B2C start-ups for the very first time since 2015. Tech Tour today announces 33 companies who represent the next wave of digital innovators who are pioneering innovations in AI, big data, security, blockchain and IoT and will present their businesses in London on the 9-10 of October at the 2018 Deep Tech Summit.


This follows on a total of EUR 1.7 billion in deals done over the last 5 years involving digital companies who have presented at past Tech Tour events, including 3 companies who grew into unicorns, Klarna, MindMaze and Avast. More than half of this deal impact has come through private funding, involving 45 companies in 60 transactions.


Summit President Nish Kotecha, Co-Founder and Chairman of Finboot, and Summit Vice-President Nico Goulet, Managing Partner of Adara Ventures have steered the event programme and selection of companies, using their convening power to attract the top 5% of digital innovators with the potential to generate high levels of return.


Nico Goulet who headed the selection of companies this year says: The focus of the Deep Tech Summit is to identify some of the most promising and disruptive technology companies growing throughout Europe. The quantity and quality of the companies that have been review during the process is a strong indicator of the health of this segment of technology entrepreneurship. Every year we see many companies that are born in Europe with the ambition and the potential to lead their industries globally, and the challenge has been to select a few among such a high-quality pool. I truly believe that we will be showcasing some of the future global leaders and the interest from VCs from all around Europe and the world shows that the value of the Summit for the ecosystem is very strong.


Over 100 companies applied to present with the majority coming from the UK (25%), Germany (12%), Spain (12%), Switzerland (9%), France (6%), and Italy (6%). The technology spread also sees AI dominating with 23% of applying companies and 25% of presenting companies active in the sector, followed by SaaS (15%), IoT (14%), and Machine Learning (6%). Blockchain (5%) has made an entry this year as real-world applications are starting to come onto stage.


The first day of the Summit (October 9, 2018) will see the 23 growth companies participate in workshops hosted by Wiggin, covering 2 main topics including “Key steps in getting investment and exit ready” and “Access to Asia: Expansion into and fundraising from China”. Day 2 of the Summit (October 10, 2018) will see the 33 companies present to investors and participants will have the chance to deep dive into the latest trends in the digital sector with keynotes and fireside chats led by experts including:

  • Investment trends in deep tech panel discussion with Ventech, Next 47, Atlantic Bridge Ventures, Innovestor Ventures and Silverpeak
  • Deep tech investment outlook keynote by Jean-Michel Deligny (Silverpeak)
  • Welcome by Rajesh Agrawal, the Deputy Mayor of London
  • From robotics to self learning: The future of AI fireside chat with Bruno Maisonnier, CEO and Founder of AnotherBrain
  • Lessons learnt from taking growth companies to exit panel with Amadeus Capital Partners, Earlybird Venture Capital, Draper Esprit, Bryan, Garnier & Co, C5 Capital, and NASDAQ


Media representatives will receive priority access to tech company CEOs and investors at the Summit for editorial staff on the 10th of October, with the opportunity to set up interviews with speakers, and complimentary access to all sessions. Media representatives can register on the event’s website or at the registration desk onsite.


Registration for general participants interested in attending the 2018 Deep Tech Summit is still available up until the 9th of October 2018.


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