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Petri Laine, Managing Partner, Innovestor Ventures (Finland)

General Council Member and President of Nordic Venture Forum 2018


In 2015 Club members closed 330 deals and 53.8% of them had as of 2015 co-invested with another member during their time in IVC (2015 IVC survey). Needless to mention, The IVC is a Club of active investors. Personally, I have co-invested with Bernhard Mohr (Evonik Venture Capital) on two deals consecutively in 2015 and 2016.


I am proud to be a member of this very active investor-only club where the participation of the likes of HTGF, Intesa Sanpaolo, Vækstfonden, Fondo Italiano, IMEC, and Caixa Capital ensures that Tech Tour’s Venture Forums always get good participation from early stage and emerging companies. It is a great honour to be in the Council and also to preside the 16th edition of the Nordic Venture Forum.


The emerging stage Venture Forums are places where the IVC members join forces with regional VCs and clusters to identify hidden gems. As many of you would agree, market fragmentation is the biggest challenge for European tech entrepreneurs. Through the IVC our mission is to make Europe a smaller place by turning challenges in the fragmented market into opportunities.


I welcome you to take a deeper look into two great regional Venture Forums and join us there:

Nordic Venture Forum, 30-31 October, Copenhagen

Benelux Venture Forum, 13-14 November, Maastricht