Overview Tech Tour Growth 2020 – Ambition with Purpose.


Europe’s boldest, most ambitious growth company CEOs and their investor shareholders brought together on the shores of lake Geneva!


The 7th edition of the Tech Tour Growth will take place on 26-27 March, 2020 in Geneva & Lausanne bringing together 70+ of Europe's boldest CEOs - the entrepreneurs with the vision and drive to build game changing businesses.


2019 has been the best year yet for European tech, with companies attracting over €30 billion in investment. More importantly Tech leaders are leveraging Europe’s diversity to build global champions in a distinctly European way: companies with real purpose, that don’t just seek “to move quickly and break things” but create a profound impact on society.


That’s why the theme of this year’s summit is Ambition with Purpose. And that’s why the Summit isn’t based on a series of panels and keynotes (although we have some great guest presenters) but facilitated, CEO only workshops and special activities. Giving everyone the opportunity to share experience, collaborate and learn from their fellow CEOs.

The Tech Tour 2020 Growth Award and Growth50

The 14th edition of the Tech Tour Growth Awards will take place at the Networking Dinner in Lausanne where the two new CEO's will be celebrated. The dinner features the 6th edition of the Tech Tour Growth 50, a list of the top growth companies in Europe.