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 Testimonials of Participants from Healthtech Summit 2016:

“I wanted to congratulate you on a very balanced event. Pace, variety, and setting were all very good.  It's been very valuable. I hope our contribution to the dialog will keep us as part of the community here in Switzerland.”
Ahmed Albaiti – Founder and CEO of Medullan 

“The pleasure was mine, I flew in with low expectations and left with an incredible network and many offers and follow up meetings.”
Amin Zayani – Founder & CEO of Med Angel

“Thanks again for the invite. The event was one of the better ones I attended and certainly hit its objective. The communication leading up to it and planning were also well done. Speakers and content were carefully selected. I have not heard one single complaint about a particular aspect of it. Venue was also memorable by the lake and Olympics Museum. Really not much to say for improvement. Just keep at this level. I also felt (and heard from several other participants) that the convergence panel was indeed the highlight since we brought it back to life and were realistic in what to expect in the space in the near-term.”
Arda Ural – Partner/Principal at EY
“I’d like to thank you and congratulate you for this wonderful event. It was a great opportunity for networking and to meet strategic persons for our future rounds of investment.”
Arnaud Mascarell – CEO of FineHeart 

“Thank you for having me – it was highly insightful and great to mix with likeminded investors and entrepreneurs.”
Francis Namouk – CEO of Videum 
“It was a great conference, thanks!”
Francesca Wuttke – Managing Director/Investment Principal Europe at Merck Global Health Innovation Fund 
“It was great to stay (and pitch) at the Tech Tour Healthtech Summit. Great event!”
Giangiacomo Rocco di Torrepadula – Founder & CEO of Amicomed 

“I have to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be present at this very interesting event. 
The organization was top level. I have appreciated all the contents (ideas from start-ups) and had several contacts which I wi ll follow up with in the next future. Thank you again for the superb hospitality.”
Leonardo Vinci – President at eSenseVentures 

“It was highly worthwhile and I enjoyed it very much. And the topic of digital health convergence is just emerging, so stay tuned!”
Moneshia zu Eltz, Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Partnering at Philips 

“The Tech Tour Healthtech Summit has been a great event and I’ve already started a few discussions with some of the companies that presented. As usual, I liked a lot the summit organization, the two separate and parallel areas between Medtech and Digital Health, the selection of startups, and much more. This is always a great place to see how new technologies are moving and what are the emerging trends, allowing me to discover and/or confirm what could be the future for clinical trials.”
Ramon Roig – Director of Innovation and R&D Labs at Covance 

“Thank you again for these two great days at IMD, I very much appreciated it.”
Sacha Sidjanski – Head of the Coordinator-Development Office at the School of Life Sciences, EPFL

“I thought it was a great event and was really disappointed I couldn't stay longer.  I'd be keen to get involved next time.”
Stephen Bennett – Partner at Hogan Lovells 
“Thank you for organizing this amazing event, it was such an honour for us to be part of it! And congratulations for the excellent organization.”
Xavier Palomer Ripoll – CEO of Psious 

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