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Tuesday 24 February 2015
08:45 Registration & Welcome Coffee
09:15 Welcome & Introduction
'Objectives of the conference'
Steve Renals (University of Edinburgh - Centre for Speech Technology Research)
09:25 Keynote 1
'A vision for Conversational Interaction Technologies'
Steve Young (University of Cambridge)
09:45 Session 1. Adaptable interfaces for all
'Driven by demographic trends, interfaces designed for elderly people and for people with disabilities have the potential to be an increasingly important application area for conversational interactive techonologies.'
MODERATOR: Costis Kompis (Vodera Ltd.)
Paul Welham (CereProc)
Gregor Hofer (Speech Graphics)
Michel Valstar (University of Nottingham)
Giuseppe Riccardi (University of Trento)
11:15 Coffee Break
11:45 Session 2. Smart personal assistants
'Typically embedded in mobile devices, these agents will substantially enrich the interaction by taking account of the local and global context.'
KICKOFF PRESENTER: Philippe Wacker (LT-Innovate)
MODERATOR: Volha Petukhova (Saarland University)
Josef Van Genabith (CNGL-Ireland)
Jochen Steigner (SemVox GmbH)
Blaise Thomson (VocalIQ)
13:15 Networking Lunch
14:15 Keynote 2
'Breaking the barriers between research and innovation'
Sebastian Moeller (Telekom Innovation Laboratories, TUB)
14:35 Session 3. Active access to complex unstructured information
'Linking knowledge to rich interaction will enable the development of agents which can search proactively and can make inferences from their knowledge to enable people to be notified of relevant things faster and to reach understanding of complex situation'
KICKOFF PRESENTER: Dietrich Klakow (Saarland University)
MODERATOR: Keith Edwards (University of Edinburgh - School of Informatics)
Matt Simpson (Ericsson)
Joachim Köhler (Fraunhofer IAIS)
Nick Rankin (Quorate Technology)
Ariane Nabeth Halber (Vecsys)
16:05 Coffee Break
16:30 Launch of CITIA
'Objectives - Roles - First actions'
Hervé Bourlard (IDIAP)
Philippe Wacker (LT-Innovate)
Steve Renals (University of Edinburgh - Centre for Speech Technology Research)
17:15 Drinks & Reception
19:00 End of Day 1
Wednesday 25 February 2015
08:30 Registration & Welcome Coffee
09:00 Keynote 3
'Building a market and fostering a culture for Conversational Interaction Technologies'
Rebecca Jonsson (Artificial Solutions)
09:20 Session 4. Communicative robots
'As robot technologies develop, it will become more necessary for robots to be able to communicate naturally and socially.'
KICKOFF PRESENTER: Andrew Joscelyne(LT-Innovate)
MODERATOR: Philip Garner (Idiap Research Institute)
Albert Ali Salah (Bogazici University - Computer Engineering Dept.)
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova (DFKI)
Sylvain Calinon (Idiap Research Institute)
Colin Matheson (University of Edinburgh - Centre for Speech Technology Research)
10:50 Coffee Break
11:15 Session 5. Shared collaboration and creativity
'This session will feature the drivers for enriched shared collaboration, including translating and augmented videoconferencing, design and creative collaborations, and multiplayer games.'
KICKOFF PRESENTER:Jean Carletta (University of Edinburgh - Centre for Speech Technology Research)
MODERATOR: Andrei Popescu-Belis (Idiap Research Institute)
Maël Guillemot (Klewel Sàrl)
Joanne Celens (Synthetron)
Alessandro Vinciarelli (University of Glasgow )
12:45 Closing Remarks
Steve Renals (University of Edinburgh - Centre for Speech Technology Research)
13:00 Networking Lunch
14:00 End of Conference

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